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a log of news and updates

Log Date: 3rd April 2023 - The Lynx Game Guide is now available again, limited re-print. All remaining pre-orders for the ST Game Guide will be shipped this week and the free A4 poster will ship separately very soon. Now, I've got a Jaguar Game Guide and some other books to work on... :-)

Log Date: 27th March 2023 - The ST Game Guide is now available for Order! And I can take orders again from April 3rd for Lynx Game Guide! The new Jaguar Game Guide is over 60% complete, and I am busy updating We Love Atari for what might be a last reprint (*for a good while anyway!). There is also a surprise book coming out later this year... more Atari goodness???

Log Date: 8th February 2023 - The ST Game Guide is now available for Pre-Order! The first 50 customers not only get a few nice goodies, but get their books first! You are probably very familiar with the delays I've had bringing new books to life, the biggest hurdle has been pricing. I've had to take the unfortunate step to move printers, it is a real shame as they did some great work for me for many years, but they have been hit by costs that they can't absorb any further and prices went up well beyond my ability to absorb them too! Anyway, a new printer has been found and I'm certain the new books will be just as good quality. Shipping and packaging have suffered price hikes too, but hopefully 2023 should see some stablisation and I can get some new titles out during the year at a reasonable cost to you. If prices get any higher I might have to go into "sleep mode" for a while and see if printing books is worth the cost and late nights!  I will be looking into digitial versions of all my books in the next few years, but for now, I prefer the real thing (and so do you, which is why I keep doing it).

Log Date: 20 January 2023 - The ST Game Guide is real close now and I will be taking pre-orders in the coming weeks - I was hoping to start on the 1st Feb, but due to circumstances way beyond my control, I can't. But do not fret, do not be sad, you will get notice here and on my Twitter page when it happens. Just a quick note, the pre-order window is limited to 50 customers, who will receive the book early and get a nice gift for being so fast on the draw!  You may have noticed another new GameGuide as well?  Yes, the Atari Jaguar is joining in the fun and if all goes to plan, I hope to get that to you later in the year!

Log Date: 5 December 2022 - The ST Game Guide will be available for pre-order on the 1st February 2023, more news next year.  We Love Atari volumes One and Two will be re-printed (in revised updated editions) for a limited pre-order around April/May 2023.  Apologies for the delays, so many factors I could bore you with, but as always I really appreciate your support and the very kind feedback.  Work on the Jaguar Game Guide and a few other projects are progressing as well, so hopefully 2023 will be a much better year!

Log Date: 11 July 2022 - The cost of printing/paper has been going up steadily since 2021, coupled with the current global inflationary situation and the terrible events in Ukraine, it hasn't helped matters as you can imagine. I am still hopeful I can get the new ST Game Guide out very soon, which now has an additional 15 new games added along with a few other additional pages of ST goodness and a special free gift!  The re-print of both volumes of We Love Atari is a top priority as well. It's almost 2 years since I had stock of Volume 2, and over a year since I sold my last copy of Volume One, and I really appreciate the e-mails you keep sending with your support for a re-print. The Jaguar Game Guide is in production, along with a "soon to be revealed" book project I think you're gonna love! More news about all these projects as soon as I have them, stay safe!

Log Date: 3 April 2022 - I gave away the last physical copy of the Lynx Hint Book today, these were a limited run of complimentary copies which were for pre-orders that I had left in stock. So instead, I will prepare a personalised Lynx Hint Book with every order of the Lynx GameGuide, so you can print your own or put it on your phone or other PDF capable device.  I will attach it to each order confirmation I send.  In other news, I will soon be placing a pre-order offer for the new ST Game Guide, this is essentially a re-print of a book I made in 2020 called "50 ST games you have to play". As the print run was limited, it sold out quickly, but the revised edition is being re-printed under the "GameGuide" series banner and contains corrections, some new layout changes, a new interview, a few more games (55 in total) and a look at the MegaSTE.  If you purchased the original book, you don't need to purchase this one, but if you need want to, I might offer a special offer for previous cutomers... more news soon!  

Log Date: 24 March 2022 - Due to postage increases here in Ireland and some other misc. increases on such items as packaging etc, I have had to change pricing ever so slightly on some items.  I have been trying to absorb any increases as much as possible to keep pricing as low as I can, but even the paper the books are printed on has gone up in price.  Hopefully things will change going forward, but the world is going through some geo-political issues right now and there are much more important things happening around us than the price of a few books.  Life must go on though, and I will announce a new project for you very soon.  By the way, I have only a few copies of the Lynx Hint Book left, so when these are gone I will provide a personalised PDF version to each customer with their Game Guide: Lynx books going forward.

Log Date: 29 January 2022 - A little earlier than expected, but as the Lynx books arrived, I decided to get some packing done early and try and get the pre-orders out to all of you as quickly as possible. The ladies at the Post Office are going to love me! Some orders already left today!  I will try and get all of the pre-orders out before the end of February, in fact, I'm sure it will be much earlier than that. Check your e-mail over the next few weeks for a shipping confirmation. If you order a copy after today, please be paitent, I will get it shipped to you ASAP! Now, on to the next project!

Log Date: 19 January 2022 - Happy (belated!) New Year to you all!  Just to update you on the pre-order for the Lynx Game Guide, I have received all the Atari Lynx Hint Books and Stickers, the packaging has arrived, and there is only the call from the printers due in couple of weeks to say the books are ready!  I have already begun working on a new Game Guide book as well as updating and revising "We Love Atari" and if all goes to plan, a new Atari book project will be announced soon.  So, hopefully a busy and exciting 2022 if I can make it all happen.  Stay safe and thank you all for your support.

Log Date: 5th December - OK, here we go! I'm taking pre-orders for the first time after so many of you requested it. My books have small print runs so I understand they can sell out quickly and some of you miss them, so I will look at doing this again in the future if this works out smoothly.

The Lynx GameGuide will ship in early February 2022, just over 8 weeks away now!  Unless Covid get's any worse or another ship decides to block a major waterway, we should be OK!  Please note that if you pre-order it is a final order, so only do so if you are committed to the purchase, as I cannot afford to order an overly excessive number of books and be left with unsold stock, packaging and materials. Thanks for your support and trust, and look out for other new book titles in 2022 :-)

Log Date: 3rd November - Wow, it's been a while!  So what is happening here at Zafinn Books?  Today I am launching Darcy The Phoenix Park Deer, a charming children's book with artwork by my friend and all round talented artist Lucan Monks. Please read more about the book here.  The website has a couple of new pages, including information on the new GameGuide Series of Books.  Kicking off with the Atari Lynx and then a revised and updated Atari ST GameGuide which will include all the great Atari ST Anniversary content from the previous book "50 ST Games you have to play", which had a very limited print run. More information about price and availability soon.  By the way, there are three other Atari GameGuide books on the drawing board, so keep your eyes peeled!

I am working on revised and updated editions of We Love Atari (Volumes One and Two) for a print run early in 2022.  It hasn't been available for a while now, and it costs a lot to print, but I've had enough requests to be pursuaded that one more print run is viable.  This might be the last run I make of We Love Atari next year, so if you missed it the last time around...

One more thing... A very special Atari book will be announced in 2022 which I am working on right now.  So lot's to look forward to!  Series 3 of my Atari Goodie Packs are now available which help me fund new books, web hosting and other book making things!   Thank you again for the support, otherwise I wouldn't be doing any of this!

Log Date: 9th August - Very close to launching a new Atari book, should be an announcement no later than October.  Other books hopefully re-stocked in November, including a revised edition of the 50 ST Games you have to play.  The first run was made exclusively to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the ST, whereas the re-print has been revised to be part of a series of books, more news soon.

Log Date: 3rd May - I just sold the last copy of "50 ST Games you have to play".  I am working on a few new Atari projects, and I hope to have new stock of all my books later in the year.  Thanks for your support.

Log date: 5th February - ST Anniversary Loot page is now available!

Update on We Love Atari Volume 2 : I will endevour to get a re-print of this later in 2021 - keep an eye on my Twitter pages.

Postal Services and late delivery : Unfortuately deliveries to all parts of the world are slow right now.  You may have to wait 2-6 weeks for items, it all depends on your countries Covid-19 situation, flight schedules etc.  Please be patient :-)

New reviews : A customer who purchased We Love Atari Volume 1 and 2 late last year posted his personal review of the books here.

:: New product added :: Goodie Pack (series 2) now available!

Log date: 4th January - ST Anniversary Loot page is now online.

:: New product added :: includes the ST 35th Anniversary A3 poster I got commissioned for the occasion and a new acrylic Fuji Pin.

Log date: 28th December 2020 - New book "50 ST Games you have to play", a special 35th Anniversary book - available to order today!

Log date: 22nd December 2020 - Added page for the new book "50 ST Games you have to play", a special 35th Anniversary book - available to order on the 28th December.

Log date: 26th November 2020 - Sold Out of Volume Two of We Love Atari.  Next print run in Q2 2021.

Log date: 3rd August 2020 - Updated the store interface

Log date: 1st August 2020 - Website updated and SSL certificate added to the website ( 

:: New product added :: Beautiful A5 artisan greeting cards with copies direct from original prints from Patricia Gallagher Morris.  You can read more about them here.

:: New product added :: Goodie pack (series one).  To help support my current and future products I thought about a way I could give something back to those who help me.  I've put together a bundle of great looking acrylic stickers (and sometimes the odd magnet, badge etc) for Atari enthusiasts, each pack has 16 items.  You can read more about them here.

What is Zafinn Books?

I always wanted to publish a book about Atari. Something I could grab off my bookshelf and read anytime about the history and products of this famous electronics pioneer, which captured a lot of my childhood and more. The company is fascinating, and had gone through many transformations in its short history, but boy, did it make an impact. It seemed there were always books about Apple, IBM, Sony, Commodore and many others, but never Atari, so I put one (actually two!) books together for enthusiasts and collectors. I have been collecting and studying the company for over 35 years.

What else do you have planned?

I have plans for some further book projects, but self-publishing is an expensive and procarious business. Some other items will also be available on the website in the future, some which will help fund future projects.

Anything else going on?  You can check out a website I put together about another tech company called Gateway2000.  It was a PC manufacturer which began operations in 1985 and eventually sold to Acer in 2007.  Click here to view.

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