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series 4 goodie pack

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To help support my future projects I've put together a super goodie pack for Atari users, collectors and fans. Various tough vinyl stickers (and the occasional magnet, badge or other special collectible), which help a little towards funding my next book project, pay for packaging, web hosting etc. 

Thanks to everyone who have purchased previous goodie packs!

What's this!
A new Goodie Pack is here!

1 - A massive 10 x 10cm window sticker to show proudly you are an Atari player!
2 - A Jaguar glow-in-the-dark sticker!
3 - A reflective 7cm enlarged FX-1 badge (this was a possible name for the Falcon030 before it became... Falcon030!).

Altogether that's 14 amazing high quality vinyl stickers


Included in the Series Four Goodie Pack is a fantastic 7cm round, glow-in the-dark Jaguar sticker!
Scare the pants of Nintendo and Sega users, and see Sony PSX and Xbox fan-boys/girls faint at this mighty sticker*
*May not scare anybody

Available while stocks last. Postage and Packing Included.
Note: If you want 3 or more packs, contact me for better shipping rates.

These items are shipped using standard international post via "An Post" (The Irish National Postal Service). I cannot be held responsible for lost or delayed post - please only order if you agree to these conditions. There are general delays in postal services around the world in recent times, please be patient. 2 - 4 weeks is normal depending on your country.

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