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We Love Atari Volume One (Revised/Updated 2023)


We Love Atari Volume Two (Revised/Updated 2023)

Update: September 2023

PRE-ORDERS from October 1st!

A huge thank you to everyone who has kindly contacted me about a pre-order, I really appreciate the support (and your enthusiasm) to push for a new re-print! The latest news is that I am alomost finished updating the two books, and I'm hoping to get to physical proofing early October with a pre-order stage from October 1st (for a limited time)*

Apologies for the delays, but I have been busy with other normal day-to-day things. I try and devote as much spare time to these books as I can in between real life obstructions! I'm also working on a few other interesting book projects, so my attention isn't just on the We Love Atari re-print at the moment.

Important: Pre-Orders for We Love Atari (Revised/Updated) editions will only be open for a limited time from October 2023. It will be first come first served. All pre-orders will ship before Christmas*

Depending on stock available after the 2023 pre-orders, I will offer the remaining books for sale in January 2024.

Please note: This will be the last print run of the We Love Atari books for a while, so if you missed them before now, this might be your last chance! 

A quick word about the books. The updated books have an increased page count (from 292 to 312) and I've spent many many hours updating them to include new layouts and correct any previous errors. Content has been revised and there are some new inclusions throughout both volumes. I will be updating the website to show some pages from the books as soon as the proofs arrive in mid-October. The dimensions are 21.5 x 21.5cm, 130gsm silk paper, full colour with a 300gsm board cover that is fully gloss laminated. All We Love Atari books will be shipped in a tough outer "book wrap" with additional padded protection inside. Every order will come with some fantastic Atari themed vinyl stickers, and some additional "early-bird" goodies will also be available as a "thank you" for your support.

* - Unless anything mad happens outside of my control, this is the current plan!

Obviously the details of the book below are from the previous print runs, so watch this page for more news and images over the next month or so.


We Love Atari FAQ

From Pong to the first globally successful home video game system the VCS, the first Atari computer systems called the 400 and 800 and the new XL computer systems which replaced them. Atari's new video game systems, the 5200 and 7800 and all Atari's Arcade games and Pinball machines. The re-launched 8-Bit line renamed the XE, the introduction of the ground breaking 16-Bit ST computer range, the advanced computers such as the MEGA STE, TT030, Falcon030 and the Transputer Workstation, video game consoles including the 7800 Pro System, Lynx I/II, Atari IBM Compatible PCs, pocket PCs, calculators all the way to the 64-Bit Jaguar and much more.

Mythical tales of advanced XL computers and holographic video games, enhanced STs, Junior STs, Portable STs and even ST games consoles, there is even an Amiga in here somewhere! Gaze at unreleased computers (Falcon 040 & Microbox) and video game consoles (Panther, Mirai) and get a complete picture of the Atari products that could have been.

Rare photos, product shots, specifications and paperwork, I leave no area of Atari uncovered. Global advertising, flyers, the amazing underground Atari scene, revenue data, game boxes, box art, as well as many interesting historical facts and figures and breakout boxes for you to digest and examine as we go on the Atari journey. 

We go on the Atari journey in 1972 when local arcades, pool halls and bars would be the venue for pinball and other traditional entertainment games. The electronic video game was about to infiltrate these very same places and slowly elevate the videogame to cult status and worldwide success. Atari was at the forefront of the video games revolution and would become a household name and a global phenomenon, it would be also responsible for the evolution of the market for many years to come and diversify into the personal computer market among other areas of interest. In a tumultuous history, it was sold by its founder Nolan Bushnell in 1976 to Warner Communication Inc. and become one of the fastest growing companies in the world. In 1984 the company began to bleed money and was sold again in to the founder of Commodore Business Machines who saved it from the abyss. Jack Tramiel would lead the new Atari Corp. in competition to IBM and Apple Inc. and the company continued operations until the computer market changed in the early 1990s as the company reverted back to its video game roots...

Yes, probably... Each item I sell on this site eventually pays for a new run of books. Other items here help pay for various items such web hosting, packaging etc.  If you are interested in a book that has sold out at this time, just send me a note here and I will contact you when it is available again.  Also, check your country store and see if it is available first, and always check the news page or see my Twitter feed for the lastest information.

Everything you ever needed to know.

View the Atari story as it unfolds with period advertising and product images, generously sprinkled with interesting facts and historical snapshots of the Atari story as it happened.  From the very first Pong arcade machine, to Atari's first home computers, "We Love Atari" is a tribute to one of the worlds most iconic companies, loved by millions and still loved today.

Not another book!

We Love Atari isn't just another book about Atari, it is a packed visual journey of the company you love. Bursting with products from Arcade machines to Home Computers, I have tried to ensure everything important to the Atari story is covered.

Made with Love

We Love Atari, so I made sure our book represents the best of the company we love. A book you can browse again and again whenever you need your Atari fix!  It is both a history lesson and a personal collection of Atari for your archives.

Anything else?

This book is the culmination of years of work. From collecting all the material used inside, to restoring old advertisements and brochures, and writing and designing a book that covers as much of Atari as possible.


Sample Pages:

Please take a look at some of the content.  Click to expand an image.

Who wrote this and who is it for?

By Karl Morris, co-founder of the Atari Historical Society and true Atari nut!

Designed to compliment your knowledge and love of Atari.
Made for anybody interested in one of the most exciting electronics companies of the 20th Century and the history of video games and computers.

Very limited annual print run designed and published by the author.

Note: We Love Atari is shipped worldwide using registered mail only.

Over 1000 images*

Images from Pong to the Jaguar video game console, representing years of collecting. Some images painstakingly restored from originals over 30-48 years old!  *Conservative estimate!

Facts, Figures and Fun!

Not just another stale history of Atari, We Love Atari is meant to be an exciting visual experience, but we also added some fun facts and quotes as well as enough historical content to understand Atari as a company.

Arcade Flyers

All commercial Arcade releases & official flyers produced by Atari are included. Atari was built on the foundations of their Arcade success and this in turn funded the growth of the company well into the late 1970s.

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